We have taken several steps to safeguard our employees during this CV-19 high risk period.

 All visitors should adhere to current Covid-19 government legislation and guidelines.

Advanced Reservations – We are accepting advanced reservations for both burial and ashes plots. Reservations can be finalised by completing and returning our booking forms. This entire process can be completed by email and telephone. We are recording wishes for a certain area/zone of the wood that is preferred and choosing specific plots when needed.

Tour of the Burial Ground – We can now book tours of the burial ground again, however, we are encouraging visitors to only book tours where necessary, and to look around on their own first. Any questions from the visit can be sent over via email admin@woodlandburialscholderton.co.uk or give us a call on 07400 257357 and we’ll be happy to answer them for you. We can still provide an electronic map if requested.

Burials – We continue to work closely with funeral directors to arrange burial services.

Choosing Burial Plots – We are now giving families the option to choose a specific zone for their loved one’s plot. A map will be provided, so you can go around the wood at your convenience and take your time choosing the perfect area. Once you have decided on a zone, we will then do the rest; surveying the area and let you know where the specific plot is. We can consider requests, such as sunny spot or under trees ect.

Interment of Ashes – As the interment of ashes is a relatively informal affair that does not usually require the services of a funeral director, we will work with families directly by email and telephone to arrange this. We will also endeavour to agree a particular zone or area for the plot to be prepared. Please note that the interment of ashes will be limited to direct interment (ashes removed from container and interred directly into the ground) until further notice. This allows a reduction in the resources required to carry this out. Our interment of ashes prices will be adjusted accordingly and calculated on individual dimensions and requirements. Please see our Website for a full list of services and prices: https://www.woodlandburialscholderton.co.uk/

Although we will prepare the plot and surrounding area as usual, ashes services will be unattended by the estate. Once the service is finished, we are happy for the families to back fill their plot, if you do not wish to do this, it is absolutely fine, we just need an email/phone call to confirm you need us to go back up to the plot and make good.

General Maintenance – Families are welcome, as always, to maintain individual plots and any reasonable access.

We have struggled to resource the maintenance of the wood this year and we look forward to getting back to normal over the winter months ready for next Spring. We thank you all for your patience and support.

The estate prides itself on its excellent wildlife conservation and although the wood has looked untidy to some in places, it has been an organic haven for wildlife. We had our biggest ever count of Meadow Brown, Marbled White, Small Skipper and Comma butterflies in the wood this year, not to mention the bees, moths and other pollinators. They took advantage of all the extra nectar sources provided by wild flowers such as Self Heal, Ground Ivy, Speedwell, Clover, Buttercup, Field bindweed, Vetch, Hedge Bedstraw, St John’s Wort to name but a few of the species carpeting the open areas. Even the pyramidal orchid made an appearance in places!

It just goes to show that if we supress our human need for tidiness and order, the natural world around us really does benefit. Our healthy population of Hare and Stoat have had more ground cover this year and deer have been spotted more often, attracted to the abundance of new growth and the cover it provides.

Moving forward, the communal tracks will be cut and maintained to allow good access to the main areas of the woodland and access will be provided to those plots that are away from the beaten track. For those families that prefer nature to take over the plot, we will let those plots be.


We hope you enjoy mother nature’s creations all around you this year at Michael’s Wood

We will continue evaluate our contingency measures with each new government update, all being well we hope to bring all our services back in the new year.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during which, for a lot of people who are in contact with us, will already be a very trying and upsetting time.

Take care and stay safe,

Michael’s Wood Natural Burial Ground
Part of The Cholderton Estate