UK LOCKDOWN January 2021

We have taken several steps to safeguard our employees during this CV-19 high risk period.

With the exception of human burials, no other face to face meetings will be carried out during the lockdown period. All visitors should adhere to current Covid-19 government legislation and guidelines.

Advanced Reservations We are still accepting advanced reservations for both burial and ashes plots. Reservations can be finalised by completing and returning our booking forms. This entire process can be completed by email and telephone. During normal circumstances, families are unable to choose exact locations for their reserved plots and this policy remains in place. However, we can record wishes for a certain area/zone of the wood that is preferred. Alternatively, we will be able to meet families and individuals at the wood to discuss requirements once the UK government have brought the current lockdown period to an official end. At this point we can update the reservation records with any specific wishes or requirements.

Tour of the Burial Ground – All tours are cancelled, and new tours will not be arranged until further notice. A map of the wood can be provided by email on request should this help families consider their wishes which can be updated at a later date.

Burials – We continue to work closely with funeral directors to arrange burial services. Given our limited resources and our meeting restrictions, we will only liaise with appointed funeral directors regarding service requirements during this time.

Choosing Burial Plots – Unless a new burial plot is alongside an existing plot, (eg recently deceased wife to be buried alongside her late husband’s existing plot at the wood), then new plots cannot be chosen by families. Michael’s Wood will choose the plot to be used until further notice. The plots we allocate during this high-risk period will be chosen to meet the operational needs of the business but will always be within the boundary of our 15 acre woodland burial ground.

Interment of Ashes – As the interment of ashes is a relatively informal affair that does not usually require the services of a funeral director, we will work with families directly by email and telephone to arrange this. We will also endeavour to agree a particular zone or area for the plot to be prepared. Please note that the interment of ashes will be limited to direct interment (ashes removed from container and interred directly into the ground) until further notice. This allows a reduction in the resources required to carry this out. Our interment of ashes prices will be adjusted accordingly and calculated on individual dimensions and requirements.

Although we will prepare the plot and surrounding area as usual, ashes services will be unattended by the estate. Once the service is finished and the families have left, we will re attend to make good the area.

General Maintenance – All non essential maintenance of the woodland has been put on hold until further notice whilst we try and limit our resources at the estate. However, families are welcome, as always, to maintain individual plots and any reasonable access. We hope that normal maintenance will continue once we enter the main growing season fully.

The above measures have been put in place temporarily to protect both our employees and our families and visitors from the existing health risks. We very much hope to return to normal as quickly as possible but please bear in mind that this is an ever evolving situation which could take a long time to resolve or at least bring under control.

We will evaluate our contingency measures with each new government update. We thank you for your patience and understanding during which, for a lot of people who are in contact with us, will already be a very trying and upsetting time.

Take care and stay safe,

Michael’s Wood Natural Burial Ground
Part of The Cholderton Estate